About Me

Carmen Reig

Hi ! I’ m Carmen Reig and I’ m a collage artist based in London.

Through my collages I express the relationship between people, their surroundings and their emotions. I like to create double meanings so, I often use symbolism to express these themes. I enjoy mixing animals, fashion, nature landscapes, symbols, etc

All my collage art is created by the influences of my life background, my inspirations and subconscious. Anything can be a source of inspiration for me.

I like to see how the images form and create meaning when I put them together. My purpose behind my collages is to give back a new life to these «forgotten» magazines and also to celebrate art in my personal way.

My aim with my collage art is that you, the viewer, can make a connection on an emotional and personal level. My art can celebrate special moments or feelings that you’ve experienced or simply make you think and smile. If you can make a connection, then I’m happy to have reached you through my art.

I’m always up for collaborations, commissions, exhibitions, big or small, and I also enjoy a friendly hello!

Thanks for visiting my site!